A downloadable game

My Solo Game Development Project game. Defend your home from angry wild beasts in the Australian outback!

Inspired by tower defense and twin-stick shooter games, BBB takes a comical idea and combines it with physics to make an funny, bouncy game.

All art assets were done by myself, sounds came from freesound.org and were then edited to fit the needs of the game.

I learned a lot from this process, and I was extremely happy with being able to delve into photoshop and sound design a bit during this, which is something I hadn't really done myself in a game prior to this project.

ALSO: The attached zip contains a file with with Windows version of the game along with it's data, and the mac version. I don't have a mac so I wasn't able to test the mac build, so if there is a problem with it, please let me know!

Some things I wanted to fix but didn't get to:

- I wanted to make collision between the player and the walls/house but due to all of the rigidbodies I have on objects ( that were needed for the bounce on the boomerang), this proved to be extremely difficult and I ran out of time.

-Possibly collision between beasts and player (this would have worked but it didn't really make sense in the context of the game, unless I added more complex enemy behavior, which I didn't really have time to do).

-In the end, I wanted to make some better UI elements but ran short on time. If I'd thought of that earlier I could've gotten it done.


FinalBuild.zip 45 MB